The new Anichi Resort and Spa, currently well into its construction schedule, is a wonderful opportunity to invest in a five star, environmentally sensitive real estate development on the beautiful island of Dominica. Nestled in 12 acres beside Portsmouth’s picturesque white sand Picard Beach, and within easy reach of Dominica’s international airport, Anichi Resort and Spa is a certified project in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. High worth individuals from all over the world looking for safe, stable and environmentally sensitive 2nd Citizenship investment need look no further than this 120 room beautifully boutique property due to open during the latter part of 2019

Anichi Resort & Spa is part of the Autograph Collection, and the world’s largest hotel brand – Marriott International. This lucrative citizenship investment opportunity combines a striking and sophisticated design, which celebrates Dominica’s beauty and individuality with the internationally renowned and unique Autograph Collection. The 128 beautifully guest suites offer private dip pools, pool lounges, infinity pools, a magnificent spa, specialty restaurants and a lavish ballroom.

Another great advantage of obtaining Dominica 2nd Citizenship through Anichi is the flexible purchase options available. The first is Preferred Shares which can be purchased for US$220,00 and which convey a certificate of ownership to the owner. The other option is the range of freehold suites which are available for purchase namely Calypso Suites and Swim-up Suites – both of which convey a title deed to the owner. The more affordable of the two options, Calypso Suites, can be purchased for $300,000, and Swim-up Suites can be purchased for $320,000.

All the properties at Anichi Resort & Spa, whether fully or partially owned, will be managed by the resort and not made available for residential living. By forming part of the resort’s room inventory, each unit is placed into a rotation system and each unit participates on an equitable basis.

For peace of mind, sound investment and access to over 130 countries including the UK and EU Schengen area for individuals and their families, ownership at Anichi also gives the right to reside in the resort for up to two weeks annually. It also provides assistance to sell the shares/suites at or above the original cost price.