Citizenship by Investment

Antigua & Barbuda grants dual citizenship, confers several business and residential
advantages and offers lucrative real estate investment developments.

Established in 2013, Antigua & Barbuda has the most powerful passport available through Citizenship by Investment in the Caribbean. It provides dual citizenship in a sophisticated tourism structured environment. It offers visa-free access to 134 countries including the UK, the Schengen Area, Switzerland and Hong Kong along with minimal taxation, full residence status, lifetime citizenship, negligible residency requirements and a currency pegged to the US Dollar.

Additional business advantages include no capital gains, estate, wealth, gift or inheritance tax, and corporate tax incentives and relief. There are direct flights to Antigua from London, New York, Miami and Toronto. Applicatants are processed in 3-4 months and to qualify, the main applicant may choose to invest in either the National Development Fund, an approved charity, in property or into an eligible business.

Investment Options

National Development Fund

A one-time contribution towards the National Development Fund or an approved charity of your choice is a simple and affordable gateway to dual citizenship of the two island nationa, Antigua and Barbuda; a modern and sophisticated high end tourism destination with a successful financial services industry. Funds generated through the Development Fund nurture and strengthen the economy and further promote the wellbeing of the region.

To be paid in US Dollars:
Investment amount:
$100,000 for a single applicant or a family of four.
$125,000 for a family of more than four members.
Government application fee:
$25,000 for main applicant or family with up to four members.
$15,000 for each additional dependant of MA after third.

Property Choices

Luxury tourism has driven the economy of Antigua & Barbuda for decades and continues to see strong growth; the demand for high-end hotels, resorts or villas make an investment into an approved real estate project potentially lucrative. Real estate has no residency requirements but must be held and maintained for a minimum of five years.

To be paid in US Dollars:
Investment amount:
$400,000 minimum for the main applicant.
Government application fee:
$50,000 for main applicant or family with up to four members.
$15,000 for each additional dependant of MA after third.

Business Investment

Antigua & Barbuda investment programme provides an enticing opportunity to bring additional business to the island. Priority investment areas include luxury and diverse tourism options, their prestigious international yachting industry, financial services, agricultural projects and IT enabled services. All provide compelling investor incentives and protection, assured by the government.

To be paid in US Dollars:
$1,500,000 minimum for a sole applicant.
$5,000,000 minimum for a joint venture.
Joint ventures require at least $400,000 contributed per applicant.

Investment Programme Processing Fees

Due Diligence Fees:
Due Diligence fee for the main applicant: $7,500
Due Diligence fee for a spouse: $7,500
Due Diligence fee per dependant between 12-17 years: $2,000

Due Diligence fee per dependant between 18-26 years or 65+ years: $4,000
Passport fee per person: $300

About Antigua and Barbuda


The twin islands of Antigua & Barbuda are widely considered two of the world’s most beautiful; blessed with the white-gold sand and tranquil, turquoise water of 365 beaches. With a combined landmass of 442 sq. kilometres, the flatland topography is rich with verdant flora, exotic wildlife and a tropical maritime climate with low humidity – forming a pleasant and temperate year round average of 27°C.


In 2015 Antigua & Barbuda recorded a GDP (PPP) of US$2.097 billion, split between three sectors of agriculture (2.4%), industry (17.9%) and services (79.7%). The island uses the East Caribbean Dollar and has access to an educated workforce of 95% English literacy. Tourism continues to thrive in Antigua and Barbuda, contributing to at least 60% of its GDP and accounting for 40% of investment in the islands.


Since gaining independence 1981, Antigua & Barbuda has formed a parliamentary democracy and grown to a population of 92,000; the capital is Saint John’s and the island’s official language is English – though many also speak the Antiguan Creole. The island possesses rich and vibrant culture, warm and friendly people, a low rate of crime and a peaceful lifestyle. The demographic is formed by a majority black ethnic group (87.3%), mixed (4.7%), hispanic (2.7%), white (1.6%), other (2.7%) – the largest age group being 25-54 (42.47%).


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