South African’s applications for Caribbean CBI soar

March 19, 2019By Ros LewisNews

There has been a large increase in South Africans applying for a second passport and the Caribbean in particular has seen a surge in applications. High net worth South African citizens are not necessarily looking to relocate but increasingly recognise that investing in dual citizenship provides the opportunity to secure a safe and stable future … Read More

Dominica Ambassador for UAE

January 24, 2019By Ros LewisNews

The Government of Dominica strengthens it close and bilateral relationship with the United Emirates by establishing a diplomatic presence there with the appointment, as their first Resident Ambassador, of His Excellency Ambassador Hubert J Charles. Dominica’s highly successful CBI programme is popular with businessmen and high worth individuals throughout The United Arab Emirates as well … Read More

Dominica: 40 yrs Independence And Best CBI

November 7, 2018By Ros LewisNews

THE US Government kicked off praise for Dominica with a spokesman offering his country’s congratulations saying “The people of Dominica exemplify strength, perseverance, and determination”… “We look forward to working together to strengthen prosperity in Dominica and throughout the region” Dominica has also been the centre of attention, as it offers one of the oldest … Read More


September 19, 2018By Ros LewisNews

On October 1st, Montenegro, a vibrant, sovereign and independent country country in Europe’s South Eastern corner is launching its very own Citizenship by Investment Programme.  For a limited period of three years up to 2,000 applicants from non-EU countries will be able to obtain citizenship in this beautiful European country. This initiative will go a long … Read More

Dominica Crowned Best CBI in the World

August 23, 2018By Ros LewisNews

For the second year running this tiny, resourceful and successful Caribbean country has been acclaimed by the prestigious Financial Times group as having the top CBI programme in the world. Of the 13 citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes that operate around the world Dominica leads the industry by achieving 90% of the seven pillars against … Read More

An Investment Worth Making

August 11, 2018By Ros LewisNews

The new Anichi Resort and Spa, currently well into its construction schedule, is a wonderful opportunity to invest in a five star, environmentally sensitive real estate development on the beautiful island of Dominica. Nestled in 12 acres beside Portsmouth’s picturesque white sand Picard Beach, and within easy reach of Dominica’s international airport, Anichi Resort and … Read More

Jungle Bay Moves Closer to Completion

May 21, 2018By Ros LewisNews

Construction of the new Luxury Eco Resort of Jungle Bay, which nestles amongst tropical trees overlooking the Caribbean Sea south of Roseau, continues to forge ahead with exceptional progress being made during the past three months. Since the start of the year the team of skilled carpenters have almost completed the roofs on the first … Read More

2018 – Exciting Times Ahead

April 15, 2018By TimNews

Since 2010 the number of applications each year for a second passport has tripled with the strongest growth coming from Caribbean countries including Antigua, St Lucia, Dominica and Grenada and in 2018 it looks set to increase still further. This has been fuelled by the rapidly developing uncertain political climate across the world to the … Read More

Saudi’s push 70% Increase in CIP

April 14, 2018By TimNews

Demand for second passports for both Caribbean and some European countries, in the last quarter of 2017, increased by over 70%. High net worth families and residents of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East Countries were the majority of applicants. This demand is mainly driven by political and economic difficulties in the Middle East, in … Read More

Buying Real Estate? Do your Homework

April 14, 2018By TimNews

Caribbean CBI deals continue to grow in popularity as they offer good value for money, take less time to process and provide a wide choice of packages for both Infrastructure projects and Real Estate investment. Selecting the right one though is crucial and applicants need to do their homework carefully. Citizenship schemes vary enormously with … Read More

Grenada’s CIP 2018 rates now even more competitive

April 13, 2018By TimNews

2017 was described recently as a “bumper year” for Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme with revenues from over 840 new citizens resulting in direct foreign investment doubling and generating more than US$130 million.