Construction of the new Luxury Eco Resort of Jungle Bay, which nestles amongst tropical trees overlooking the Caribbean Sea south of Roseau, continues to forge ahead with exceptional progress being made during the past three months.

Since the start of the year the team of skilled carpenters have almost completed the roofs on the first phase of 120 Villas with the design team busy with the creation of the beautiful interiors. Further development of the stone walls for the two yoga studios is well under way with structural work on the Restaurant, wellness centre and pool foundations on schedule.

Jungle Bay is recognized to be one of the Caribbean’s most successful luxury ecologically friendly resorts since it first opened 10 years ago. Responsible for this highly successful and sustainable development are world renowned entrepreneurs Sam and Glenda Raphael.

The new Jungle Bay Resort, is being developed as one of the Commonwealth of Domnica’s prestigious Real Estate Citizenship by Investment Programme, is due to open early in 2019. Each luxury villa in the first phase of 120, with spa, pools and restaurant will start at only US$200,000 per unit. The experienced management team will maintain the villas and market them to the guests on behalf of the owners. Villa owners and Jungle Bay will split the rental income 50/50 net of maintenance costs.