Don’t miss Dominica’s reduced CIP rates

October 4, 2017

New infrastructure projects are already on the go in Dominica to counter the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. To help with this and to help rebuild and further develop the island’s infrastructure the Government of this independent and resilient island in the Caribbean have reduced a number of their fees. This means there are even more reasons for choosing Dominica as your No 1 choice for a second citizenship for you and your family. But hurry! These rates are only available until March 31st 2018.

The following special rates apply immediately

1. Age of Child Dependants
The maximum age of qualifying child dependants is increased to thirty years,

2. Age of Parent of Grandparent Dependants
Where a parent or grandparent is fifty-five, but his or her spouse is aged less than fifty-five, both the parent or grandparent and the spouse will qualify as dependants,

3. Child Born After Approval in Principle
The Schedule of the Principal Regulations is amended in paragraph (1)(2)(d) to “on registration of a child who is not more than five years of age and who was born to the applicant after citizenship has been obtained, a processing fee of US$500.”

4. Due Diligence Fee for Spouses
The Schedule of the Principal Regulations is amended in paragraph (1)(2)(c)(ii) to “US$4,000 for processing fees and due diligence checks on each applicant who is over the age of sixteen, including the main applicant’s spouse,”

5. Processing Fee
The US$3,000 processing fee is reduced to US$1000 for the submission of applications under the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

6. Certificate of Naturalisation Fee
The Certificate of Naturalisation Fee is reduced from US$750 per certificate to US$250 per certificate.

Details of adding a dependent Prior to Approval in Principle and removing a Dependant after Approval in Principle but prior to payment of the Investment are available on request.

Investing in Dominica’s infrastructure will make a huge contribution to helping this safe and friendly island rebuild better roads, buildings and last but not least a new airport.

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